Brass Machine Screw

Size Availability 

Diameter – 2 mm to 6 mm / 10 BA to 0 BA / 1/8″ to 1/4″
• Length – 2 mm to 150 mm

Coating :
• Zinc Yellow Passivated, Nickle Plated, Silver Plated, Chrome Plated, Tin Plated…

Speciality :
1. Brass and Steel Raw Material as per BIS and DIN Specifications.
2. Heads are Forged with inhouse chrome plated and hardened tools.
3. Fine Gauge quality threads are ensured with imported Thread rolling dies.
4. Productivity up to 110 screws per minute can be obtained.
5. Strict Dimentional tolerances are achieved with measurements at every stage of Production cycle

• Raised Counter Sunk Head.
• Hexagonal head.
• Hexagonal Head with slot.
• Pan Head.
• Counter Sunk Head.
• Philips Combination Head.
• Cheese Head.
• Round Head.
• Philips Combination Head with Washer.
• Philips Head.

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